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Who needs a goody bag when each child leaves with their own painting!

Children's parties run for 2 hours, $200 minimum. (6 kids or less). Each additional painter is $20, 12 children maximum*. Ages 6 and up.

Parties include all supplies necessary to complete their painting.  Bring whatever snacks and drinks you like!


How do I pick what to paint?  You are most welcome to look at past pictures from parties, or pick something new! I am happy to come up with a new painting for your party!

Can I come early to set up?  Yes, you may arrive up to 25 minutes before party begins.

Is the paint washable? Acrylic paint is used for the paintings. Please inform your guests to dress for a painting party! If treated immediately acrylic may wash out of clothing, but not after it's dried.

Do we have time to open presents during the party? Typically no. Within the 2 hour party we paint and have time for treats and having fun!

What happens if a guest is late? Can they still paint? Every opportunity will be made for a latecomer to catch up, of course! However, parties cannot run late, since more than one may be booked during the day. Encourage your guests to arrive on time.

Where are you located?  River Art Studio is located in Bellevue at 8329 Sawyer Brown Rd. We are in River Plantation next to Plantation Pub, Jeanette Wirz and Home Panache.

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